Public Law related to information handling
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Information Law

Information law is at the forefront of the political agenda as the Government presses ahead with its transparency initiative. As cases continue to make the headlines, our expert Information Law team can help keep you safe from legal challenge while maintaining your organisation's interests.

The risks associated with incorrectly withholding or releasing information are high. Responses to requests under the Freedom of Information Act make the headlines.

Journalists use requests to collect information that can be made into a story, and refusal of a request can be a story in itself. Pressure groups, disgruntled service users and employees understand that FOIA is a cheap and effective campaign tool, and will pursue their request with the Information Commissioner and beyond if they are not satisfied.

Compliance with the Data Protection Act is a key concern for public bodies wanting to share personal data, or use the data they hold in innovative ways. The consequences of breach can extend beyond reputational damage - the Information Commissioner has the power to impose fines up to £500,000.

Public bodies also have to navigate their obligations under the Environmental Information Regulations, legal duties of confidentiality attaching to commercial and personal information and rights to privacy.

The Open Data initiative - the idea that the public sector should make more of the information it holds available to the private sector for exploitation – presents challenges as well as opportunities.

What we do

Our Public Law team can provide expert and pragmatic advice on all these issues. We have extensive experience dealing with the Information Commissioner and Information Rights Tribunal.

We handle politically sensitive requests and can help you avoid the glare of the media spotlight. We're also used to dealing with vexatious requestors and drawing their correspondence to a close.

What we are known for

We think it's important to pass our knowledge on. We provide regular email updates and workshops for our clients, to help them keep ahead of the curve in this rapidly developing area.

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