Technology Contentious
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The complexity of information technology projects and services demand specialist legal and technical knowledge when disputes occur. Often disputes arise in the context of long standing customer relationships meaning that an early resolution can be a challenging task. Identifying the legal and technical issues at hand, whilst recognising the commercial objectives of customers and suppliers, can be key to resolving such disputes quickly and efficiently.

What we do

​From our experience of working with insurers in this area we understand that:

  • Lawyers who understand and can speak the client's technical language are vital to dealing with technology claims;
  • In order to resolve disputes, the commercial realities of the situation must be recognised rather than relying solely on legal argument;
  • An early focussed strategy, based on legal analysis and an appreciation of the client’s commercial objectives, will bring a successful resolution.

What we are known for

  • ​Legal specialists with technical understanding and expertise;
  • Clear and effective strategies that help clients understand objectives how they are best achieved;
  • Seeking early resolutions that capitalise on commercial objectives for the benefit of all parties.