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Organised Fraud

DAC Beachcroft's Organised Fraud team advises on counter fraud strategies to tackle large scale organised fraud for insurers in motor and casualty claims.

The claims and policy issues facing insurers are ever-evolving, and more frequently involve numerous insurers. The need for insurers and their suppliers to work collaboratively is essential in working to defeat these claims.

What we do

We support our insurer clients in investigating and defending potential fraudulent insurance claims, which are suspected of being organised either by individuals, key facilitators and/or organised crime groups.

The team's expertise is in dealing with claims involving fraudulent particularly with the concerns surrounding policy inception, as well as staged and induced collisions. The team's size and experience enables it to deliver bespoke strategies to investigate large scale motor and casualty frauds.

What we are known for

The team specialises in blending legal, investigative and intelligence strategies in combating organised fraud. The team also works on referrals to third party agencies, such as the Insurance Fraud Bureau and law enforcement, including developing evidential packages that aid the defence and criminal prosecution of organised fraud claims.

The team works collaboratively with third party agencies and law enforcement agencies to tackle the facilitators at the root of problem.

Detailed elements of our services

Our team specialises in the following services:

  • Investigating the following types of fraud:
    • Policy Inception fraud
    • Staged accidents
    • Induced accidents
    • Fraud perpetrated by key nominals and facilitators such as accident management companies.
  • Assisting insurers with referrals to industry bodies such as the Insurance Fraud Bureau;
  • Assisting insurers with police referrals;
  • Advising on committal and private prosecutions;
  • Organised Fraud involving multiple insurers and coordinating joint strategies and litigation tactics;
  • Use of evidence and technology in litigation including telematics and telephone data, as well as CCTV and video footage.

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