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Motor Fraud

Having seamlessly worked with our clients for the last 12 years, we have a proven track record for understanding and delivering on client needs and issues.

We understand our clients need for:

  • Engagement at all levels to promote front end fraud detection;
  • Reduce indemnity spend, settle the right cases quickly and produce great fraud results;
  • Collaboration with co suppliers so that we can successfully act together in combating fraud;
  • Analyse data and management information intelligently to identify trends and behaviours in the market to combat organised crime;
  • Share MI on our performance and our knowledge of our opponents to show the true value of savings we make for every £1 spent on our costs;
  • The taking of proactive and positive steps against individuals and the organised criminal fraternity by way of prosecution or other sanctions;
  • An interface with organisations such as the IFB, IFED, local police, DWP and NFIB to help the industry as a whole tackle fraud;
  • The development of new services and capabilities to meet the increasingly diverse nature of fraud across all classes of insurance related business;
  • Profile raising: The issue of fraud at the highest levels of the judiciary, the regulators and the government;
  • Ultimate Fraud Prevention: Analysis of data to understand big fraud problems at both policy and claim stage, and deliver strategic information to clients to help prevent fraud.

What we do

Our Counter Fraud Team have specialist fraud lawyers who cover cross-classes of business across different jurisdictions to include knowledge of international claims. In relation to Motor, the following work is undertaken:

  • Motor fraud
  • Exaggerated
  • Phantom passenger
  • Semi-Staged
  • Staged
  • Credit hire fraud
  • Blue light fraud
  • Bus/coach fraud
  • Fleet fraud
  • Organised motor fraud
  • Green card/4th directive

What we are known for

Legal/Intelligence services/KPI performance: Our Counter Fraud Team is recognised within the industry for providing great legal advice, which blends litigation skills with intelligence and evidential development to obtain the best results for our clients, including:

  • Great legal decision making: Evidenced by clients benchmarking us on fundamental dishonesty findings, which we regularly exceed target on;
  • Client audits: Where audited over the last 12 months, we have never received a rating of under 90%;
  • Repudiation rate targets: Where clients set targets, we regularly exceed;
  • Intelligence and Opponent Analysis information: We are regularly the go to firm with our clients;
  • Market Operations: Where we are measured on the quality of our intelligence to work with clients on market operations, we regularly exceed our competitors;
  • Data washing: Several of our clients benchmark us against competitors for "pay back" on data washing and we regularly add the most value.

Added value: Our Counter Fraud Team provides great added value, including:

  • Dedicated resource from both our legal and intelligence fraud team, which allows us to understand our client's key objectives and current and emerging issues on the ground;
  • Regular contact within our client's offices and assisting on pre-issue work in case clinics/training from a dedicated supplier team on current issues and upcoming reforms;
  • Invitations to all legal and intelligence forums together with direct monthly strategic calls to discuss intelligence, which could impact our client's business.


We were the first law firm to win the Fraud Investigation Team of the Year award at the Insurance Fraud Awards 2015 for our landmark case handling.

The team has won five major awards over the last two years, namely:

  • Insurance Fraud Awards: Fraud Investigation Team of the Year
  • Halsbury Legal Awards: Award for Innovation
  • Law Society Excellence Awards: Excellence in Business Development and Innovation
  • Modern Claims Awards: Counter Fraud Initiative of the Year
  • The Claims Awards: Insurance Law Firm of the Year

What our clients say about us

We regularly listen to our client feedback and evolve our delivery to meet their views and demands.


By virtue of our client base, we can leverage data and use it to supply market insight and benchmarking for our client's benefit. We approach things differently because we want great data and not necessarily the biggest fraud data set. Our data is maintained in a way that helps us to maximise our organisational knowledge of our opponents. Our Intelligence Database is actively weeded to ensure the data held on it is compliant with data protection and affords ourselves, and our clients access to the latest information.


Our 30-strong Intelligence team consists of intelligence professionals recruited from varying backgrounds including the police, military and regulatory. The team has received international recognition for producing UK analytical guidance publication and for excellence in analysis. All of our intelligence professionals have responsibilities to focus on specific themes, geographies or knowledge areas.

Organised fraud

We have a dedicated organised fraud team that services all our clients' organised fraud work. The entire team has over 100 years of litigation fraud experience between them and are all fraud specialists. We handle at least 150 fraud rings per year, and actively engage with our clients via added value operations reviews, which look at the current approach to identifying and investigating organised fraud to ultimately agree a bespoke blueprint for improved fraud prevention, detection and handling.


DataFlag: Our Dataflag screening product houses over 500,000 entities, identifying fraud links and patterns to investigate further. Supported by our fraud database, we see no other firm as being able to offer this degree of accuracy or the results we have produced for our clients. In one year, our clients have saved £5.4m by using this product, repudiated 77.52% of their cases, and for every £1 our client has ultimately spent on our fees, we saved them £10.61.

Intelligence Behavioural Analysis Toolkit (iBAT): iBAT enables us to capture and identify any trends revealed from our intelligence-led handling. It provides clients with real market intelligence which can help shape fraud strategies and ultimately detect fraud earlier, reduce claims spend and highlight where fraud is happening. iBAT identifies the latest scams as they emerge and the commercial organisations involved in fraud practices.

Intelligence Portal: Our Counter Fraud Team has developed an intelligence portal that provides secure access for approved personnel who will be able to search our database for known fraudsters using our Data Flag screening product. In addition, users will have access to our back catalogue of alerts and briefing notes on individuals, organisations, tactics and trends.

Detailed elements of our services

Working closely with our Intelligence team we ensure that in defending suspected fraud claims we take the fight to the claimants, setting the pace of litigation rather than waiting to be led by the claimant solicitors. We adopt a robust and strategic approach to litigation and seize the technical advantage where we can. Frequently this leads to technical strike out before a matter gets close to trial. We work closely with all our clients to ensure that all strategies are in keeping with agreed client fraud philosophies.

We have developed specific processes and strategies for handling Low Velocity Impact matters and Late Presentation Claims, particularly prior to litigation, to ensure an early and significant repudiation rate. We work closely with our clients to enable them to apply similar processes and strategies.

We have a strong focus on complex and strategic litigation, and engage in various actions on behalf of our clients, including:

  • Tort of Deceit Actions
  • Exemplary Damages Claims
  • Contempt Proceedings
  • Committal Proceedings

Following the advent of the Jackson Reforms, we are focused on having QOCS (Qualified One Way Costs) set aside and achieving punitive costs orders in our client's favour. We have already made significant inroads in respect of such cases and achieve more than 100 findings of "fundamental dishonesty" each year.

What our clients say

"Allianz has a strong but balanced anti-fraud culture; We have a “one team” approach which extends to our panel suppliers. DACB's Counter Fraud Team have a good working relationship with the Allianz Casualty Fraud Team, providing solid advice, and adding value to the cases they deal with." Laura Clarke, Casualty Claims Fraud Controller, Allianz Insurance

"Beachcroft have shown a real commitment to providing investment in the area of fraud. They have adopted a strong partnership approach and the teams have well respected individuals acting. Beachcroft have a strong strategy alignment to our Management needs and have delivered bottom line results for Allianz!" Mihir Pandya, Head of Fraud, Allianz Insurance

"DAC Beachcroft were able to recommend and implement a detailed and thorough investigation strategy which has generated great results in Operation Willow, which has been an exemplary piece of work. The way in which the lawyers and intelligence analysts work, really benefits us as an insurer and they have gone to some incredible lengths to secure witness evidence from a Director of a vehicle manufacturer. The Ring Fraud Team are tenacious and technically very astute, with an ability to think outside the box. This gives us faith that the work undertaken by DAC Beachcroft assists us in the combat against organised fraud affecting our business." Angela Lockwood, Claims Fraud Intelligence Manager, Aviva Insurance

"I have worked closely with DAC Beachcroft for many years and have always found then to be professional and very responsive. Their counter-fraud philosophy is closely aligned to ours and they have proved second to none with regard to delivery and going the extra mile. I have no hesitation in recommending them to others." Steve Jackson, Head of Financial Crime, Covea Insurance

"DAC’s vision and attention to detail in tackling fraud and dishonesty within the insurance industry has set them apart from their competitors. DAC’s responses are always timely and enable claims to be repudiated/litigated in an efficient manner. Their detailed depth and breadth of knowledge has been put to excellent use in the fraud, legislative and intelligence workshops that they have facilitated. Their intelligence products are some the best in both private and public sector, their data solutions and skills are of immense value. Intelligence is an area where monetary value is hard to gauge, however, DAC have secured significant financial benefit for my organisation. Their legal advices are clear, concise and evidential sound, enabling DLG to make informed decisions with confidence." Mike Brown, Head of Counter Fraud Intelligence, Direct Line Group

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