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Credit Hire

Credit hire claims continue to be the subject of radical change. We know from experience that the best claims outcomes are achieved by focusing on specialist areas. Our lawyers and claims handlers all have the highest level of procedural and technical skill, but have also elected to become true specialists in credit hire and credit repair claims. Our industry knowledge, penetration and engagement make us unique in that we have unrivalled claims data, analysis and intelligence which informs our defence strategies across UK borders.

Our credit hire team operates with the stated objectives of:

  • Reducing average indemnity spend for our clients;
  • Understanding what strong credit hire performance looks like;
  • Maintaining a strong intervention strategy designed to aggressively comply with relevant case law;
  • Developing effective "Know Your Opponent" strategy for all CHOs;
  • Recording accurate, timely and focused MI.

What we do

Our Specialist Credit Hire team works for more than 40 insurers. This means we have a unique market footprint and understanding of the industry, which underpins our comprehensive knowledge of credit hire practical and legal challenges, as well as Credit Hire Organisation (CHO) behaviours.

Our dedicated Credit Hire team consists of over 85 credit hire specialists based in Newport, Birmingham and Glasgow dealing with cases on both a delegated and non-delegated basis across claims handling, pre-litigation and litigation.

We are the only UK legal or claims firm who can provide this level of credit hire expertise in England, Wales and Scotland.

We are organised by "credit hire" and "credit hire fraud" specialisms , with sub-teams dedicated to their primary client.

Key features of our structure and the value we deliver includes:

  • Reducing average indemnity spend for our clients;
  • Proven, tested strategies focused not only on reducing claim spend but changing CHO behaviour;
  • Intelligence-led response to credit hire claims, recognising the need for differing approaches to the volume (typically ABI GTA subscribing) CHOs and the non-volume market where sharp practice and fraud is prevalent;
  • Access to credit hire mediation specialists to provide a unique alternative dispute resolution service (CHARM), which can assist in resolving volume credit hire disputes, clear aged cases, manage "debt lists" and provide an environment that is designed to remove frictional litigation;
  • Dedicated credit hire intelligence analysts and researchers, who provide intelligence reports and profiles on CHOs and Accident Management companies;
  • Access to real time credit hire market intelligence, which can shape your own strategies, ultimately, reducing indemnity spend and litigation frequency;
  • Advice and reports based on real data and tested strategies, rather than anecdotal evidence;
  • A "Play back" of case outcomes so that we can use lessons learned to shape our future strategies;
  • Bringing the industry together at our various events throughout the year, including our credit hire conference, credit hire workshops and credit hire intelligence forums.

What we are known for

Through involvement in leading cases, industry work and thought leadership, DAC Beachcroft has developed a market-leading and robust reputation for credit hire.

We were selected and retained by the ABI to support the insurance group through the ABI rate review, and the papers submitted to government around potential credit hire reform.

We have been involved in many of the leading, and often ground-breaking, cases that have influenced the way in which the industry approaches credit hire and associated losses (such as intervention).

Detailed elements of our services

  • Credit hire claims handling
  • Credit hire defence litigation from small track to complex multi track
  • Appeals
  • Market advice/strategic credit hire litigation
  • Cross-border
  • Credit hire fraud
  • Credit repair
  • Storage and recovery
  • Diminution
  • Loss of profit/loss of use
  • Know your opponent analysis and strategy development

What our clients say

The DAC Beachcroft Credit Hire team was awarded Claims Liability Supplier of the Year for a top five general insurer in 2015. We are ranked Tier 1 for Defendant Litigation in both Chambers and Legal 500.

Some quotes from our clients:

"DAC Beachcroft were the first legal firm to identify the issue [of credit hire fraud] and do something about it. Their knowledge is second to none and the relationship we have developed with them is fantastic. I particularly like they are only at the end of a phone and are always more than willing to help."

"Our credit hire department has a close working relationship with DAC Beachcroft. We are pleased with their work and had very good results."

"DACB have a wide and varied knowledge of the Credit Hire market able to identify fraud. Their investigations are thorough which leads to the correct result when dealing with a case. They are always available for their expert opinion on cases regardless of whether the claim has yet to be presented to them for defence."

"DAC Beachcroft are one of the few lawyers who treat credit hire fraud as a technical area in its own right. The support is strong and the intelligence provision is extremely beneficial, complementing our internal capability. DAC Beachcroft are active in the industry and employ some of the leading experts on this field. In short, a good experience. "

"Congratulations to you and the whole team for an amazing conference this year, definitely the best yet. It’s been great to see it grow to the industry leading event that it clearly is now."

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