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Cost Defence and Cost Recoveries

In the claims environment legal costs can often outweigh the value of the claim itself. Therefore it is in the client's interest to not only minimise the amount paid in damages, but also limit the amount paid in costs. We support our clients in challenging third party costs and recovering costs when successful in litigation, thereby maximising savings and minimising their overall spend.

What we do

We have a Specialist Cost team based in Birmingham with expertise in third party cost management, strategic projects, recoveries and cost budgeting.

Our key aim is to reduce the amount a client will pay in costs and do this in a cost effective way.

What we are known for

80% of our lawyers act for specific clients. This enables our lawyers to immerse themselves into the claims philosophy, working practices and SLAs of the client. We are advocates for working in designated teams, so we can learn about our clients' needs and challenges, but ultimately be seen as an extension of that team and adaptable on the delivery of value add.

Our average cycle time on challenges are within 50 days, and on recoveries we prepare a Bill of Costs within 21 days of receipt. We are the best performing panel member for one of our major clients and regularly exceed KPI's in savings, cycle times, volume of settlements and indemnity spend.

We strive to maintain and enhance our relationship with our clients through cost-effective, quality service delivery in line with their business needs. We are also happy to provide free training and keep our clients updated on changes to the law.

We have a bespoke case management system and dedicated software to streamline the cost processes, and we will provide MI with regular updates to allow our clients to monitor our progress.

​Thought leadership

We have been at the forefront of costs litigation for a number of years and have been involved in a number of high profile costs matters, the results of which have shaped the market and benefited our clients.

The team works in close alignment with our Strategic Litigation Unit, led by Andrew Parker.

We can report on our performance against proposed KPIs and use MI to identify areas of improvement, and highlight strategies which work well. We review KPI performance on a monthly basis. Typical areas of reporting for major Claimant firms are:

  • Average costs claimed/paid
  • Profit costs claimed/paid
  • Hours claimed/paid
  • ATE premiums claimed/paid
  • Disbursements claimed/paid
  • Lifecycles from date of incident, date of instruction and settlement

We send out a clear message that disproportionate costs will not be paid. In addition to successfully challenging individual claims for costs, we have succeeded with our aim to change the behaviour of targeted firms of solicitors.

What our clients say

We pride ourselves on our expertise as well as maintaining KPI performance against other firms:

  • Average savings on Fast Track of 37.6% and 36.55% for multi-track;
  • Average cycle time of 93 days across Fast Track and Multi-track claims;
  • Average cycle time of 45 days for settling pre-litigation costs;
  • Average recovery of 75% on own costs.

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