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Data Risk Specialists

DataRisk Specialists

Who we are

Data Risk Specialists is a collaboration of legal and technical information security advisors. We provide a coordinated advisory service to organisations seeking to assess, review and improve their information security. In the event that an organisation’s security is breached, we also provide comprehensive breach management solutions.

What we do

The legal, commercial and reputational implications that can arise from breaches in data security are significant. To combat these exposures, organisations need to ensure that the appropriate contingency plans are in place in the event a breach in security occurs.

In the event of a breach in data security, we offer a comprehensive data breach response service to investigate and contain breaches before leading the affected company through any resulting legal and commercial exposures. We call this our Response service.

Data Risk Specialists also provides a coordinated solution to assess the legal and technical aspects of data security, helping ensure that your business adopts appropriate measures to combat the risks faced. We call this our Protect service.


Cyber and data breach incidents demand a swift, effective and coordinated response. DAC Beachcroft’s Data Risk Specialists Response provides clients with a comprehensive breach management service, with the flexibility to respond to any type of breach, from the loss of a single paper file to the targeted theft of thousands of electronic personal data records by hackers.

Our response hotline provides access to IT security experts, specialist lawyers and experienced PR consultants who will investigate and advise on the legal, technical and commercial actions required to mitigate exposure following a breach. Identity theft monitoring services can also provide peace of mind for any affected individuals.

Following a report to DAC Beachcroft, our experts will work with the client to carry out an investigation into the breach.

  • If the breach is electronic, our forensic IT experts will investigate the breach method, restore security whilst preserving forensic evidence of the breach, and identify the nature of any data affected;
  • DAC Beachcroft lawyers will co-ordinate the legal response to the breach, advising on any civil, contractual, regulatory and commercial obligations flowing from the breach, as well as any claims or regulatory investigations;
  • If necessary, our PR experts will help to coordinate publicity statements and campaigns, simultaneously monitoring public sentiment. Any affected data subjects may also be offered credit and identity monitoring services to alert them to any adverse activity on their credit score.

Data Protection Advisory

We are in an era where vast quantities of information are stored electronically, and businesses are seeking to develop deeper insights into their customers and markets in order to gain a competitive advantage. Organisations are purchasing technology which enables the incorporation of new types of data from inside and outside an organization in a way that is easier to access and manage and is ultimately more insightful than ever before.

However, new technology brings new data protection and privacy risks. With data protection obligations set to become more prescriptive under the European General Data Protection Regulation, and fines for non-compliance set to increase up to 4% of a company’s annual worldwide turnover, compliance with data protection and privacy laws have never been so important.

DAC Beachcroft advises clients from all sectors and jurisdictions on data protection and privacy issues through our international offices and tested network of data protection lawyers. Our lawyers collaborate with forensic IT and cyber security specialists to deliver collaborative legal and technical advice on data protection, security and privacy issues. We have developed services with our industry partners that help tackle modern-day demands on companies to conduct their business in both a secure and privacy-compliant manner.

Through DAC Beachcroft’s Data Risk Specialists Protect service, we are also able to provide clients with a range of “off-the-shelf” consultancy services alongside our cyber security partners. These include training, advice helplines, and our pre-breach services (practices, polices, and precedents).


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To find our more about the Data Risk Specialists, and how we could help your business please contact or call +44 (0)800 302 9215.

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