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Intelligence Team

DAC Beachcroft has one of the largest dedicated counter fraud teams in the UK, comprising of over 125 lawyers, underpinned by an Intelligence team of 30 specialist staff. Our counter fraud lawyers are based in Birmingham and Newcastle, and uniquely we have fraud teams based in Ireland and Scotland.

Acting for the largest market share of clients ranging from large insurers to Lloyds Syndicates, retailers and corporates, we work with clients across all lines of business including personal, commercial, high risk and aggregator sourced. Our database represents a comprehensive section of the market assisting in the front end detection and prevention of fraud.

High quality intelligence services can underpin a breadth of claims scenarios. The divergent claims market and dynamic changes in the claimant community require an intelligence led approach to claims handling and litigation. The Intelligence team at DAC Beachcroft provide services in relation to all sectors of claims work, financial crime and internal fraud issues.  Insurers, brokers and large organisations require live and predictive analysis to understand the trends in the changing market.

DACB's Intelligence team consists of staff from varying backgrounds to include the Police, Military, Regulatory and the Gambling Commission. The team is led by Kate Abrahams, Head of Intelligence, who is an International Award Winner for work in writing the first Analytical UK Guidance, and we have analysts with commendations including for their criminal work.

  • Our Intelligence Support team manage our extensive Intelligence Database, improving the quality of data going into this system. They also manage the Intelligence Portal, Datawashing systems and our intelligence triage process;
  • Our intelligence researchers are expert desktop investigators, providing bespoke research products to suit client needs;
  • Our intelligence analysts manage intelligence operations, deliver complex analysis products, develop intelligence, and deliver bespoke technical analysis products. They also have dedicated client responsibilities.

What we do

Our Intelligence team support clients in many ways; from volume motor fraud claims, organised fraud case analysis and operations, Know Your Opponent Profiling and strategies, to evidential expertise and technical analysis on motor prosecutions or complex financial crimes. The team are skilled to work on all of these types of work, and our law enforcement and regulatory backgrounds ensure we can work with cases to civil litigation or criminal referral stages.

What we are known for

Our Intelligence team is renowned in the fraud industry for technical evidential knowledge and intelligence expertise. Having won a fraud award in 2015 for our CCTV and telephone analysis used in the criminal conviction of conspiring bus company employees, the team are regularly asked to provide this type of technical expertise. We are the only intelligence team in the industry to offer intelligence training courses, and our quarterly Intelligence Forums have been in place for four years and are heavily attended by clients and law enforcement.


Whilst we can deliver bespoke products, the following represent some of our most popular services:

  • DataFlag: Automated datawashing services through a secure portal;
  • iBAT: Our Intelligence Behavioural Analysis Tool enables us to capture and identify any trends and behaviours from across the fraud market, helping to reduce claims spend;
  • Intelligence Portal: Our secure intelligence portal provides access to search our database using our DataFlag Direct system;
  • Telematics: DACB have pioneered evidential intelligence work around telematics;
  • Telephone Analysis: The Intelligence team has delivered telephone analysis to support civil and criminal cases;
  • First party fraud and thefts: We have invested resources into liaising with law enforcement to understand the latest trends in thefts and first party fraud;
  • Intelligence Training – The team has developed an intelligence training arm. This allows us to develop a suite of specialised intelligence skills training, bespoke to the insurance fraud industry;
  • Evidential packages and storyboards: With experience in developing storyboards for judges and juries, the analytical team have been able to devise evidential packages that highlight linkages between people, or sequences of events in a pictorial format, effectively telling a story in a compelling manner;
  • Collaboration with the IFB, IFED and NFIB to share information regarding cross insurer issues and fraud problems and refer cases on.

Our experience

We have had real success working on long term operations tackling companies that present a real challenge to the industry. Operation Mickey represents one of our largest endeavours to tackle organised fraud, identifying pattern use of enablers, focusing on fictitious hire and storage. To date we have handled claims representing over £1 million worth of savings for clients. The repudiation rate in relation to Operation Mickey cases stands at over 75%.

Our fraud successes include a case where the Judge challenged a Claimant to provide his telephone data he was relying on as evidence. The team were asked to analyse this data and the resulting findings of the analysis were that the Claimant was lying about his account of events, and further to this had phoned a relative, the recovery agent prior to the accident, the implication being that the Claimant had pre-planned or fabricated the accident.

What our clients say

"DAC Beachcroft's intelligence products are some of the best in both private and public sector, their data solutions and skills are of immense value. Intelligence is an area where monetary value is hard to gauge, however, DACB have secured significant financial benefit for my organisation..." Mike Brown, Head of Counter Fraud Intelligence and Investigation, DLG

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