Claim Solutions Group's Innovations Lab
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Innovations Lab

Are you ready to innovate?

The intense changes being experienced by the insurance industry bring new opportunities as well as challenges to the market. 

We have created the DAC Beachcroft Claims Solutions Innovations Lab to enable us to anticipate changing market needs and tackle the most difficult problems in the claims arena.      

The DAC Beachcroft Claims Solutions Innovations Lab, launched in June 2016, is a new research & development hub through which DAC Beachcroft will collaborate with clients, and the wider insurance industry, to design, prototype, test and deliver new ideas for commercial products and services, and future claims solutions.    

'The Innovations Lab' will:

  • Give our clients the opportunity to be actively involved in product services development.
  • Work with us to shape solutions for customers, delivering tangible results to both our and our clients businesses.
  • Establish, through research and development, new commercial and claims processes, systems and business models that will help adapt to change.
  • Deliver business know-how, improve claims management and future proof claims excellence.
  • Promote knowledge sharing amongst industry peers and experts with safeguards to allow for proper incubation, confidentiality and testing.
  • Provide commercial solutions, co-developed and co-created, that we want to provide and our clients want to use.

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We look forward to seeing your brilliant new ideas!