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Duty of Candour

Regulation 20, covering the Duty of Candour requirements for Directors and equivalents, came into force in November 2014 and applied to all health and social care providers since April 2015. Failing to comply presents a significant risk of enforcement for healthcare providers by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), particularly following routine or triggered inspections.

Under the new regulations, NHS and independent bodies should urgently:

  • Recognise the steps needed for compliance against Duty of Candour;
  • Ensure implementation to deliver Duty of Candour internally;
  • Raise awareness and communicate candour as a mandatory cultural evolution.

What we do

As experienced healthcare regulatory advisers, we deliver a modified version of our well established regulatory due diligence model, scaled down to address the specific compliance issues which Regulation 20 (candour) presents to providers. There is not a one size fits all, given the variety in scale of health and social care services registered with the CQC, we offer three models, which can be flexed to your needs.

Detailed elements of our services

  • Model 1: Site visit based
  • Model 2: Desktop based
  • Model 3: Flexed