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The sector focus on how safe and well-led health and social care providers are, together with the CQC's willingness to exercise its current (and enhanced) enforcement powers to the full, mean that the strategic and reputational risks associated with CQC regulation are greater than ever.

We work with organisations across the independent and public sector to provide the advice and support needed in relation to CQC regulation - whether registration issues, compliance issues or enforcement activity.

What we do

Our experienced team of healthcare regulatory and governance specialists can help health and social care providers with the full range of issues that CQC regulation brings with it.

This can range from ad hoc queries about CQC registration requirements (e.g. in connection with new models of care or new entrants into the market), through to helping prepare for CQC inspections (e.g. pre-inspection well-led reviews) and working with in-house CQC compliance and quality teams to make best use of the critical 10 day window for raising factual accuracy points about draft inspection reports. 

If the CQC goes on to take enforcement action - whether using its civil powers (e.g. Warning Notices or Notices of Proposal) or criminal powers (e.g. prosecution for breach of Regulation 12, safe care) - we can provide the necessary advice and representation to help steer providers through these challenging and brand-damaging events.

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