Healthcare Clinical Governance
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Clinical Governance

With an increased emphasis on the importance of the reduction of harm across healthcare, it is more important than ever for both public and independent providers of health and social care to ensure they have robust clinical governance frameworks that work effectively.

Increasing public and regulatory concern about learnings derived from previous claims, complaints, incidents and inquests means that regulatory and accountability requirements are constantly evolving and increasingly subject to aggressive enforcement. Health and social care providers need to demonstrate and prove that their patients and their representatives are safe, satisfied, positive and responsive – in order to protect their clinical and organisational reputation, within an increasingly competitive environment.

Below our Clinical Governance experts, Giles and Chris, discuss reviews of organisations' effectiveness in responding to serious clinical incidents, and the importance of good clinical governance 



What we do

DAC Beachcroft’s clinical governance and quality service combines legal and governance expertise to work with providers of health and social care services to provide high-quality practical advice on their clinical governance arrangements.

What we are known for

In addition to our market-leading Healthcare Regulatory team, the firm has a Governance Advisory Practice (GAP), which comprises Chartered Secretaries and other senior professionals with extensive Board-level experience in the health and commercial sectors.

Both teams work in partnership to provide a range of integrated governance and legal advice, and have a particular interest in clinical and corporate governance arrangements.

Detailed elements of our services

  • Clinical governance health check: Providing an external snapshot of how key governance systems are working in practice;
  • Organisational clinical governance review: A detailed review of an organisation’s quality governance systems which tests effectiveness;
  • Review of arrangements for learning from claims, complaints and incidents;
  • Review of risk management arrangements;
  • Training on legal aspects of Serious Untoward Incident Investigation;
  • Assurance training for clinical governance, complaints and claims managers;
  • Training for Foundation Trust Governors: Holding non-executive directors to account in the context of quality;
  • Review of arrangements for national clinical requirements;
  • Review of arrangements for internal audit.

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