Health Employment Training Programme
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Health Employment Training Programme

DAC Beachcroft's Employment and Pensions Group have developed a series of practical workshops to guide employers through the potential minefield of dealing with practitioners’ capability, conduct and ill health issues. These are run by our specialist doctors unit who are all experienced practitioners with a practical outlook.

Dealing with doctors and dentists: Workshop programme

Conducting MHPS investigations

This interactive workshop provides practical tips on how to conduct an investigation and develops the key skills and knowledge required by case investigators. Through the use of a case study, this workshop focuses on the following issues and questions:

  • Adherence to MHPS guidance
  • Planning an investigation
  • Gathering evidence
  • How to conduct investigative interviews
  • How to deal with reluctant witnesses
  • Can you grant witnesses anonymity?
  • How many witnesses are too many?
  • Should patients be interviewed?
  • Should the investigator assess the credibility of witnesses?
  • How to spot delaying tactics
  • Tips on writing an investigation report

A case study will be sent out to participants in advance of the workshop for them to read prior to the workshop.

Preparing MHPS reports and key documentation workshop

This workshop provides practical tips in respect of report writing and includes:

  • Preparing initial terms of reference
  • Guidance on writing Case Managers' reports including exclusion reports
  • Guidance on writing preliminary reports
  • Guidance on writing the final investigation report
  • Addressing tricky issues within the report
  • How to include additional documentation and appendices
  • Ensuring all allegations are covered and conclusions are provided
  • The inter-relationships with other ongoing investigations

Example documents are included.

During the training, participants will draft sections of the report which we will mark up and provide individual feedback.

HR's role in MHPS investigations

HR undertake a fundamental role throughout the MHPS process. This workshop covers the following:

  • Managing the initial process
  • How HR can assist Case Managers
  • How HR can support Case Investigators
  • How to manage the fine line between over-involvement and valid assistance
  • HR involvement in preparing for and attendance at hearings
  • How and when to manage returns to work

Workshop on handling MHPS hearings

This workshop looks at the following:

  • How to prepare the management statement of case
  • Which witnesses should be called?
  • How to prepare questions for witnesses
  • How to prepare submissions to the panel
  • What happens after the hearing? What is the impact on revalidation?
  • Is a referral to the GMC necessary?

A case study will be sent to participants in advance of the workshop. Participants will be asked to prepare draft submissions during the workshop.

How to book

If you are interested in attending any of the above sessions, please register your interest here. We will then send you details of the next available session.


Each workshop will take 3 hours and will cost £200 per person, plus VAT.


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