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Employee Privacy and Human Rights

Employee privacy issues impact every business, regardless of shape or size. Employers have been required to get to grips with an evolving data protection regime regulating how employee's personal data is obtained, used and stored.

In recent years, the courts have been invited to expand the scope of employees' rights in the workplace on the basis of domestic and European human rights, impacting areas such as employee monitoring and surveillance, the use of social media and the conduct of regulatory investigations.

These developments have been coupled with a greater awareness of individual privacy rights, and a steady increase in individuals seeking to access their personal data held by an employer through the use of a formal subject access request, often in the context of some broader dispute. With the advent of the European General Data Protection Regulation, and the expansion of individual rights, this trend will only continue.

What we do

Our employee privacy team has unrivalled experience of assisting clients with the full range of data protection issues arising in the workplace. In all cases we provide clear and pragmatic advice on compliance issues and the related risks, to enable our clients to deal with these issues in a proportionate and transparent manner. We work closely with our Information Law and Cyber Risks team to support our clients with the full spectrum of data protection issues.

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