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Injunctive Relief

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Injunctive relief can be critical to enabling a business to survive. Such relief can also accelerate a prompt settlement, thereby enabling clients returning to business as usual and avoid drawn out legal proceedings.

Legal action in this area is seen by Judges as draconian, and success means especially careful attention to detail and sensitive handling to navigate the complex procedural rules that the Courts apply. We have the knowledge and experience to provide expert support in these situations. Our commercial litigation team acts for both Claimants and Defendants in complex disputes, often with a cross-border dynamic where, without notice, interim relief has been obtained or needs to be varied, discharged or defended.

We operate from a large number of locations nationwide and can readily support multi-site searches around the country.

Our experience

Search Orders

Preserving evidence is becoming an ever increasing concern as software develops to enable data to be manipulated and destroyed at the click of a button. A search order is used in instances in which the Claimant believes that a Defendant would destroy evidence regardless of the terms of a Court Order. Obtaining and successfully carrying out a Search Order before a Claim Form is issued can therefore be of crucial importance.

Worldwide Freezing Orders

Ensuring assets don't disappear can be critical to the commercial purpose of litigation. We regularly advise on the implications and obligations of these orders, and our expertise in this area means we act quickly to pull together a team of solicitors, investigators, counsel and experts as required.

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