Fraud Lawyers
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What we do

Our lawyers have considerable experience of investigating corporate fraud, internal and external, and we have particular expertise in penetrating the confidentiality of offshore jurisdictions. We regularly advise on the legal issues surrounding covert investigations and aggressive litigation techniques, including injunctive relief, to uncover evidence of theft and recover stolen assets.

On the discovery of fraud, our specialist lawyers offer rapid and decisive action to protect assets pending trial or earlier settlement. We offer the ability to co-ordinate a successful litigation strategy, if need be, across multiple jurisdictions. 

Detailed elements of our services

We recognise the need to guard against fraud, and our team is also well qualified to advise on the setting up and management of effective systems and controls for fraud prevention. We can assist organisations with the development of programmes designed to reduce the risk of theft and corruption, for example advising on employee screening, secret profiteering, competitive intelligence and corporate fraud.

We provide clear and decisive advice on the full range of issues that are relevant to cases involving asset theft, brand protection, intellectual property infringement, deceit, breach of fiduciary duties, wrongful use of data and theft of confidential information, among others.

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