Looking after Lawyers - Solicitors Regulatory Risks Update

Looking after Lawyers - Solicitors Regulatory Risks Update

Clare Hughes-Williams and Naomi Park will be delighted to welcome Helen Evans of 4 New Square as their guest speaker. Together they will explore topics including:
  • How far should the SRA be able to scrutinise lawyers’ private lives? Regulatory risks arising from conduct outside the workplace, and a consideration of the High Court’s decision in SRA v Beckwith.
  • Mental health and regulation. How much attention does the SRA pay to these issues, including an examination of the recent decision in SRA v Claire Matthews?
  • Remote working fraud risks. The SRA has issued guidance, but how much latitude will or should it give solicitors in core arears of risk? We will look at key areas where firms are vulnerable to fraud- including client money, money laundering and risks created by arm's length supervision.
12:55 - Registration
13:00 - Webinar starts
14:00 - Webinar ends
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Naomi Park

Naomi Park

Senior Associate
Clare Hughes-Williams

Clare Hughes-Williams



April 28 2021



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