Employment Law Sessions for the health sector in London - DAC Beachcroft

Employment Law Sessions for the health sector in London

DAC Beachcroft are pleased to invite you to our short employment law sessions, which will be held across the country, where we will discuss current and future challenges for employers.

There has been no let-up in employment law developments in 2019, with a number of cases coming before the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court. As a result our sessions will look at:

  • 10 important case law developments you need to know about including:
    • What’s the legal test for suspending?
    • Can an employer investigate when a police investigation is ongoing?
    • Has whistleblowing protection expanded in the last year?
    • What records must an employer keep of working time?
    • Has it become harder to argue a DSAR response is disproportionate?
    • how do pensions impact on workforce planning?
  • A case study on managing the performance of an employee with poor mental health including what you can put in any confidentiality provisions of a settlement agreement following #MeToo.
  • We’ll also look at planned legislative proposals and reforms for employment law which need to be on your agenda including: sexual harassment in the workplace, extending protection against redundancy for mothers on maternity leave, future changes affecting flexible workers including extending IR35 into the private sector.

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November 5 2019



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