Interactive Cyber Breach Workshop

Interactive Cyber Breach Workshop

It is an uncomfortable reality that falling victim to a cyber-attack is a matter of when, not if for any organisation. However, experiencing an attack doesn’t have to be a disaster. 

Dropped into the shoes of an executive board member whose company has experienced a cyber security attack, you will choose the course of action to take in response to the various issues presented in the aftermath of a breach. Navigate yourself through the challenges posed by external and internal stakeholders, the hacker group, the Data Protection Authority, insurers, breach counsel, aggravated customers, PR officers and more. The path you choose will shape the way the incident response evolves and will determine the final outcome of the breach.

Our Cyber & Data Breach experts will help you through the recommended approach in structuring a breach response plan.

Who should attend?

By having a breach response plan in place, organisations can be sure they are ready to tackle legal reporting requirements, financial claims and reputational damage arising out of breaches of personal data and security. The workshop is recommended for professionals with data protection and risk management responsibilities, such as:

  • C-suite executives, especially those in charge of information security and risk
  • Compliance Officers
  • Data Protection Officers (DPOs)
  • Information and IT Security executives
  • Legal Counsel

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June 11 2019



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