Walbrook Series: AI in insurance

Walbrook Series: AI in insurance

DAC Beachcroft is delighted to invite you to our “Walbrook Series: Insurance Counsel Collective” breakfast seminar on AI in Insurance. Artificial Intelligence is the hot topic of the moment and DAC Beachcroft have been at the forefront of legal developments in this area.

Rhiannon Webster was recently appointed as the legal expert on the ICO commissioned Citizen’s jury on the explainability of AI, which has resulted in the report Project ExplAIn. Rhiannon has also recently co-authored a new book, Responsible AI: A Global Policy Framework, an in-depth review that proposes ethical guidelines to encourage the responsible development, deployment, and use of artificial intelligence.

We are also pleased to be joined by Brendan McGurk of Monckton Chambers who recently released his book “Data Profiling and Insurance Law” which looks at the legal impact of the use of big data on substantive insurance law. It considers whether the use of data impacts fundamental insurance law principles and further examines the wider legal implications for such use.

What does all of this mean in practice? Jade Kowalski will bring this all together and walk you through a Data Protection Impact Assessment considering the use of AI in underwriting.

Finally we will host a panel discussion with plenty of time for Q&A from our experts.


July 31 2019



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