IR35 Changes Seminars: Are your contractors going to cost you half a million pounds?

IR35 Changes Seminar - Manchester

Did you know that having a dozen contractors not on your books earning the national average puts you at risk of a half a million pound bill from the tax man? New laws are coming which will place the duty to deduct tax in many cases on your company, not the contractors.

John Dunlop and Richard Loxley will be leading a seminar on:

  • How to work out if your contractors are putting you at risk by really being your employees
  • A focus on the complex question of 'who is an employee?' from both a tax and employment law perspective
  • The changes which will likely take place in early 2020. It will no longer make a difference that the contractor is engaged through an IR35 company.

John and Richard have a wealth of experience in advising on employment issues and status matters whilst looking to agree tax and employment law matters with HMRC and at tribunals. Both have acted for household names in the public and private sector and will use their experience of how changes were implemented in the public sector to give you insights as to what will happen in the private sector.

The seminar will use real-life examples based on engagement with HMRC, contractors and the tribunals, and will give you some practical top tips as to the crucial differences between an employee and someone who is self-employed, and how to avoid some of the common pitfalls.

You will have the opportunity to ask questions of our hosts during the seminar, and also take part in a networking session with a number of specialists from our tax and employment teams.


February 28 2019



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