Employment Law Sessions - Leeds

Employment Law Sessions - Leeds

DAC Beachcroft are pleased to invite you to our short employment law sessions which will be held across the country, where we will discuss the challenges that employers are likely to face in 2019.

In 2018 we have seen an upsurge in employment tribunal litigation increasing the risk for employers managing their staff. We have had cases extending the rights of disabled employees, and unfair dismissal cases reminding employers they do not need to overthink their disciplinary processes. Worker status cases have continued to confer, rather than take away protection for workers. Brexit has meant there is much less on the horizon in terms of legislation affecting employment rights.

We would be delighted to have your input to shape the sessions, so please let us know which of these important developments you'd like to hear about:

  • Disability discrimination: how can employers justify dismissing/disciplining an employee when their behaviour/absence arises from their disability?
  • Unfair dismissal: how to avoid over-complicating dismissing for misconduct
  • Worker status: how can organisations avoid conferring worker status on independent contractors?
  • Brexit: what should employers be advising their EU nationals?
  • Other developments on the horizon.

While legislation may not be driving change, this year we have seen how social movements, inspired and co-ordinated through social media, can bring about major changes in the workplace. The effects of #MeToo is being felt by many employers. Using a case study, we will explore how employers might handle allegations of harassment and bullying in the workplace.

The case study will enable us to discuss:

  • The risks presented by historic allegations of bullying and harassment
  • How to handle multiple complainants
  • How to get employees on board with an investigation
  • How to assess conflicting evidence
  • Pitfalls to avoid including the role of HR in the process and how much information to give the complainant(s).

Please contact our events team to register. 


September 20 2018



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