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Japan Desk / ジャパン デスクとは


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ジャパン デスク

ジャパン デスクでは、グローバルに事業や商取引を展開する日系企業の皆様に特化してご相談を承っています。ご相談は日本語の堪能なイギリス人弁護士が承ります。御社のイギリスでの事業を取り巻く法規について実務的なアドバイスを提供いたします。世界に広がる当事務所のネットワークを通じて、各国のトップ クラスの弁護士だけでなく、経済とビジネスの中心地で活躍する現地の法務環境に詳しい専門家からのサポートも提供いたします。



Japan Desk

Our Japan Desk specialises in advising Japanese companies involved in international trade and commerce. As fluent Japanese speakers, we are able to communicate directly with Japanese businesses and provide them with pragmatic advice on the legal and regulatory regime governing their operations in and with the UK. Supported by an extensive network of first rate lawyers in our international offices, we offer direct access to experts based in the world's leading financial and business centres with an in-depth understanding of the local legal environment.

The aim of this collection is to provide an overview of topics which are of interest to Japanese companies operating in the UK and across international borders.

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EU 一般データ保護規則 – 制度の厳格化 / The European General Data Protection Regulation – a Harsher Regime

EU 一般データ保護規則 – 制度の厳格化 / The European General Data Protection Regulation – a Harsher Regime

04 July 2017

延長育児休業にも給付金? / Enhanced Shared Parental Leave Pay?

延長育児休業にも給付金? / Enhanced Shared Parental Leave Pay?

21 June 2017

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