Informed Insurance 2019/20

Informed Insurance 2019/20

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Our latest collection of thought leadership delivers “Informed Insurance” across the full spectrum of insurance risks and our global locations.

Informed Insurance focuses on our high-level thinking, pulling together the strategic insights of our experts on emerging market issues. Building on last year's Insurance Market Conditions & Trends report, we are also delighted to showcase our international colleagues’ local knowledge and expertise that allow us to provide a truly global viewpoint.

Visit Informed Insurance to read our thought leadership articles, which cover the following: 

  • The Drive for Automation: International moves towards automated vehicles pose a number of challenges, particularly on liability, data, cyber security and infrastructure.
  • Regulators shift their focus to conduct risk: Increasing government intervention and regulation of conduct risk are forcing insurers from all jurisdictions to change the products they sell and who they sell them to.
  • From fossil fuels to renewables: The Challenge of Climate Change: When the history of the early 21st century is written by future generations, it will be our response to the huge threats from man-made climate change that will define our age.
  • The #MeToo Movement: Changing the workplace forever: Movements such as #MeToo and #TimesUp have meant harassment claims have extended beyond employment practices liability into D&O liability insurance and both governments and employers are considering significant changes
  • A Touch of Class: Class actions have been a feature of the US legal system for years, designed, at least in theory, to help groups of individuals seek redress against major (and minor) corporations and organisations. There are now signs across the globe that this approach is gaining more traction, particularly in Europe.
  • Brexit: The end is just the beginning: Whatever the outcome of Brexit, decisions are being made that will change the insurance landscape for good.

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Informed Insurance has been produced in conjunction with our Legalign Global partners.

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Helen Faulkner

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