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Organised Fraud – Innovation for the Future

Published 27 May 2021

I am delighted to be able to tell you today about the exciting new changes to our approach on organised fraud.

In late 2020, we recognised that a new contemporary design was required to help you tackle the changing face of organised crime across all areas; equipping you with a full toolkit to defend against organised crime in all its guises. In planning for the implementation of the Whiplash Reforms, we realised that the changing landscape would drive a change in the behaviour of organised fraudsters, which will increase the importance of an intelligence led approach in this arena.

Spearheading this approach is Natalie Randall. You will all know Natalie from her many years at DACB. Nat’s experience in law enforcement means that she has been the driving force of organised fraud for many years at DACB, working on cross client complex operations, designing and delivering training on Fraud Operations Management and managing our renowned and successful unique Intelligence Forum. Natalie’s network across law enforcement is extensive and her recognised experience in delivering meaningful sanctions through civil and criminal processes brings real gravitas to this specialist area of counter fraud.

Natalie Randall 

Natalie will be leading our experienced organised fraud lawyers and Intelligence Analysts to provide a comprehensive service and this will be underpinned up by our secure INFOCentre system, giving you full access to your operations on a web based platform.


We now have our first clients using INFOCentre and are adding more over the coming months. The online access gives you:

  • Secure access to your fraud operations that we are handling for you including key case material
  • Summaries of operations and key details and MOs so you can check for exposure
  • Access to KYOTO, with hyperlinking direct from operations to the latest KYO knowledge
  • Access to all our Intelligence Forum material
  • Professional blogs and commentary and other resources to support in the fight against organised and financial crime

Organised Fraud Legal Strategy – Motor and Cross Border Fraud - Caroline Bigos, Associate

In motor claims, Natalie will be supported by an experienced legal team who will be led by Caroline Bigos, who has an excellent reputation for technical fraud strategy advice. Caroline’s experience with DACB has included developing our unique approach to cross border fraud, combining technical cross border knowledge with fraud strategy. Her many years’ experience of motor fraud claims with a particular focus on legal strategy and the CPR makes her an ideal leader for our specialist organised fraud lawyers. Her forensic skills and detailed legal knowledge will supplement our intelligence led approach.

Caroline Bigos

Organised Fraud Legal Strategy – Casualty Fraud – Claire Laver, Partner

Our Head of Casualty Fraud, Claire Laver, has been developing an organised casualty fraud strategy for a number of years. The casualty fraud definitions developed by Claire have been adopted as industry standard and her team regularly handle operations for our clients in this growth area. Natalie’s appointment as lead for organised fraud across our work streams will strengthen our organised casualty fraud offering and Claire and Natalie will together raise the profile of this issue across the industry.

Claire Laver

Organised Fraud Legal Strategy – Property Fraud – Mark Gallagher, Associate

Whilst property fraud has been an issue for some time, it has not necessarily received the attention and resource of other fraud types, which in itself makes it an ideal target for organised criminals.  At DACB we have a dedicated property fraud team led by Mark Gallagher who has many years’ experience in counter fraud with a background in the DACB motor fraud team and a high level of technical ability.  A key feature of Natalie’s new role will be to work with Mark to develop strategy on organised property fraud in all its guises.

Intelligence Forum news

Our Intelligence Forum has been in existence for 10 years this year and we have delivered some outstanding results through genuine collaboration. In 2020, we moved our forum online to meet the needs of coping with the global pandemic. The forum has proved to be a real success online. We now have more attendees than ever before and given how successful this transition has been we will maintain our future forums online. Time saving will hopefully offset the disappointment around missing the lovely breakfasts!  

Fraud Conference 2021 – 14th September 2021

We were hoping to see you all in person for our 2021 fraud conference, however this is likely to remain online this year – we have some inspiring subject matter for you in this year’s event on the 14th September – not just in relation to the Whiplash Reforms and what we are starting to see both within motor and as a result of displacement but also in relation to organised fraud. Please keep the date free and look out for the invitation next month.



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