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GC Collective – Horizon Scanner – Summer 2021

Published 17 June 2021

DAC Beachcroft's GC Horizon Scanner is a selection of legal and regulatory developments that we consider are the most interesting and relevant to General Counsel, senior managers and professionals, allowing them to keep abreast of issues which are likely to impact their business, prepare for opportunities and mitigate risks.

Employment Practices Liability insurance – the impact of Covid 19

The number of employment tribunal claims have increased significantly over the past year due to Covid-19 and they are expected to rise further after the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (“CJRS”) ends on 30 September 2021. Employers must ensure proper processes and policies are strictly observed and followed, and advice is sought before taking any action that might give rise to an exposure to such claims. Please read our full article here.


Has whistleblowing protection been affected by Covid-19?

In this latest edition of Lawcast, members of our Employment team discuss whether the pandemic has changed the landscape for whistleblowers that raise awareness of health and safety malpractice. We consider the impact of an increase in health and safety whistleblowing and what this means for HR teams managing disclosure. Please click here to access the podcast.


Employment Matters - June 2021

Our update on key employment law developments covers discrimination, health and safety dismissals and worker status. Please click here for case summaries.


Has your organisation been the subject of a cyber-attack?

Cyber-attacks are becoming increasingly prevalent within our digital society. Here is our quick guide to the key considerations your organisation should think about if it suffers a data breach.


What’s in a name? Five points to consider before naming your brand or product

It is important to carry out research before you name your business or product, but where do you start? The options can seem limitless and it can also seem like all the good names are already taken! Our IP specialists have curated a list of five things to consider, before you select the name for your business, product, or service. Please click here to read more.


Digital Dispute Resolution Rules – a new way of resolving tech disputes

New arbitration rules, the Digital Dispute Resolution Rules, were published on 22 April 2021. These aim to enable the prompt and cost-effective resolution of disputes arising out of digital technology such as cryptoassets, cryptocurrency, smart contracts, distributed ledger technology and fintech applications. Please read more about the new rules here.


Group litigation in UK has seen exponential growth in recent years

Growth in class action-style litigation in the UK has been fuelled by the rapid expansion of the litigation funding market, awareness of access to justice and consumer protectionism, and successful media campaigns by claimant firms who target “wronged consumers” to build lucrative mass claims. Data breaches, poor working conditions and environmental damage are increasingly fertile areas for claims against corporations. This article provides an update on the latest class actions.


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