Brexit Workforce Implications: Webinar

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Brexit Workforce Implications: Webinar

Published 8 February 2021

The Brexit Agreement has significant implications for many employers. In this webinar our experts Nick Chronias and Shahjahan Ali will be looking at:

  • Hiring EU nationals to work in the UK
  • The general positon of UK nationals wanting to work in EU countries
  • Whether our EU based employment laws will change post Brexit and whether EU case law can continue to impact on UK employment law
  • Employee data transfers between the UK and EU
  • Professional regulation and recognition of qualifications post Brexit
  • The European perspective – a summary of the position in Germany on some of the key issues such as whether UK nationals can work there from Claudine Gemeiner, Partner at leading German law firm, Heussen

We’ll give an overview and practical advice on handling these issues.



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Nick Chronias

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