Covid-19 - Redeploy and Recover

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Covid-19 - Redeploy and Recover

Published 20 March 2020

Extraordinary challenges call for nimble thinking and there are increasing examples of this across a range of sectors as they respond to the COVID-19 health emergency.

One approach is for companies who have felt the early consequences of closure or the need to reduce hours – airlines, restaurants, cafes and pubs for example – is to work with other businesses critical to the supply chain and COVID-19 response, such as supermarkets, day care, pharmacies etc, who have an immediate and growing need. The approach has its risks, in particular around re-tooling, but has the potential to support valued colleagues at a time of distress and help fight the COVID-19 battle by keeping essential services running.

Louise Bloomfield, Employment Partner at DAC Beachcroft commented, “This can be a win/win approach that looks after employees whilst facilitating rapid redeployment and ensuring that then when the crisis is over the current employer can get back up to full strength with valued and loyal employees. There are of course multiple variables to terms and conditions and our specialist employment lawyers can help advise on the best approach.”

There are commercially viable options for the current employer such as seconding employees to the other business. It is not without its administrative burdens such as agreeing commercial terms and variations to employment contracts but would allow for fairly easy redeployment to take place swiftly and clearly. Alternatively, employers could facilitate an arrangement whereby employees sign up to fixed term contracts with another business whilst retaining their employment with their current employer until this crisis passes.

Businesses co-operating with each other is key at this moment in time to provide job and income security for thousands of UK workers.


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