The Future of Mobility - Regulating for a modern, integrated transportation system

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The Future of Mobility - Regulating for a modern, integrated transportation system

Published 3 July 2020

As part of a wider project looking at the future of transportation, in March this  year, the Department for Transport published a ‘Future of Transport Regulatory Review’ , focusing specifically on micromobility vehicles, flexible bus services and Mobility as a Service (MaaS). The regulatory review seeks industry stakeholder views to help inform a regulatory framework for emerging transport technologies and business models. Responses to the call for evidence close today.

A multi-disciplinary team from DAC Beachcroft’s Insurance sector has today submitted a comprehensive and detailed response to the call for evidence which reinforces our proactive approach, a position already evidenced by our longstanding work on the future of transportation, including our many publications on automated vehicles.

Within our response, which can be accessed in full here, we recommend:

  • Full support for the impending trials of electric scooters which will provide critical data essential to informing future strategy and policy decisions in relation to micromobility solutions, as part of a multi modal modern transportation system
  • An incremental approach, with the government focussing firstly on e-scooters rather than a much broader category of micromobility devices
  • High level strategic policy decisions regarding MaaS to be identified and defined and for meaningful consideration to be given to the detailed operation of an integrated multi modal transportation system
  • Urgent consideration be given to the issue of physical road infrastructure. If a safe and sustainable modern transportation network is to be built, an appropriate infrastructure is an essential pre-condition. Future transport solutions will not be able to function effectively without it

While the benefits of innovative forms of transport are, in many ways, readily apparent and highly attractive, the risks and potential unintended consequences also need to be explored.  Within our response, we have strived to bring a holistic approach to these issues, acknowledging and promoting the positive while addressing the negative and suggesting ways in which they can be ameliorated.

DAC Beachcroft are committed to maintaining a pro-active approach to future transport design and regulation and to help our clients to engage with the future direction of travel. We will continue our hands-on approach to influencing policy development for the benefit of our clients.


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