COVID-19 – Impact on Professional Liability Claims

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COVID-19 – Impact on Professional Liability Claims

Published 20 April 2020

We are still in the early days of the COVID-19 induced global health and economic crisis with, by all accounts, worse still to come. However, one thing is clear, the world is changing and we will all have to adapt to that change.

It is impossible to say with any certainty what impact this will all have on claims against professionals. Whilst in many respects the claims landscape will continue as usual, where losses are suffered (and there will be many), there will almost certainly be attempts to recoup those losses from the professional advisers involved (and their insurers). On the basis that to be forewarned is forearmed, I thought it would be helpful to set out the initial thoughts of our specialist professional liability lawyers on how the COVID-19 crisis is likely to impact on claims against the relevant professions.

As you will see there are some recurrent themes: remote working, the increased use of technology and the risks associated with the redeployment of staff. Appropriate risk management may be the solution to some of these problems. Our report is available here. 


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