Health Adviser: Issue 20

Health Adviser: Issue 20

Published 23 May 2019

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Since the publication of the NHS Long Term Plan in January, there is now sector-wide focus on reform of the NHS with an emphasis on how services can be improved through digital healthcare technology. We speak to Will Smart, Chief Information Officer (CIO) Health and Care in England at NHS England, about how tech and better use of data can drive change.

With mental health support teams seeing a surge in demand in UK schools, we examine the schemes that are being piloted to address the rising concerns surrounding wellbeing in young people.

The NHS Long Term Plan promises improved services, better prevention and superior specialist care. Yet without the workforce, there are question marks over how this will be implemented. Workforce planning is the biggest challenge facing health and social care. We review some potential solutions.

Elsewhere we continue our focus on the NHS Long Term Plan, and the pivotal role of Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG) in its delivery. The Plan foresees one CCG for each of the 44 Integrated Care Systems in England. However, CCGs must strike the right balance between becoming ‘strategic commissioners’ whilst tailoring services to local needs. We look at how these challenges may be overcome.

With all this in mind, it is important to remember the excellence of our UK healthcare services. Despite the challenges that both the NHS and independent healthcare providers face, there is much to be positive about. And in recognition of the many things that the NHS does right, we look at how it is actively working to be the safest health service in the world.

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