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Employee Listening Exercise

Published 23 January 2017

The NHS staff survey can tell you if you have a problem, but can’t diagnose the cause. Given this, how can you develop meaningful improvement action? Indeed, without insight into the root causes of staff issues, you run the risk of aggravating problems by taking actions which could reinforce staff views that leaders ‘don’t understand’, or are ‘out of touch’.

How we can help

We can help. Arising out of our work with our NHS clients, we have developed an approach which gives you an accurate picture of your employees’ views about problems, the causes of them and also ideas for improvements. The exercise would be conducted by one of our highly experienced People Pool HR professionals. With your staff survey results imminent, now is the time to proactively show how you are taking active steps to listen to, understand and act on employee feedback.

What are the benefits?

We help you get to the heart of employee issues, leading to improvements in a wide range of employee indicators; including staff surveys results, sickness absence and turnover. But also, given that your employees are likely to be close to your patients, and at the ‘front line’ of service delivery, we can help you to improve patient satisfaction, identify productivity / savings opportunities, and even ideas for developing new or enhanced services.

Download our information sheet or visit our collection to see our recent experience and how our experts could help you to take actions to resolve staff dissatisfaction.

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