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Court of Appeal

Published 7 September 2016

Mr. Justice John Hedigan, has been appointed to the Court of Appeal. This vacancy arose following the appointment of Judge Kelly as President of the High Court in December 2015. The Court of Appeal has now been in operation for nearly two years. From a practitioners perspective, the Court of Appeal has been a great success.

However in the context of non urgent civil appeals there are delays in matters being allocated hearing dates of anything from 18-24 months. This can clearly be explained by the sheer number of appeals that the Court of Appeal has to deal with.  The recently published Courts Services Annual Report 2015 sheds further light on this ( In 2015 alone the Court of Appeal dealt with 387 appeals which had been transferred to it from the Supreme Court and 366 appeals under the new procedures.

The Court of Appeal in numbers in 2015:

Court of Appeal in numbers in 2015


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