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Published 17 May 2016

The publishing of the GDPR in the Official Journal last week marked the start of a two (and a bit) year journey towards its implementation in 2018. This journey will see many European countries move towards a more data subject focussed approach, a trend we have already seen happening over the last few years on a global scale.

This month was no different with a data subject's "right to be forgotten" being the subject once again of a Supreme Court case in Spain, with the Supreme Court's Civil Chamber taking a more data subject approach than ever before. We also saw the "right to be forgotten" recognised for the first time by the Romanian courts.

April also saw several European data project authorities making their position clear when it comes to data protection compliance, with the CNIL publishing its 2015 Annual Report, and in Germany a committee of data protection supervisory authorities adopting guidance to help organisations ensure they have adequate privacy consent declarations in place. The Greek data protection authority also set out a benchmark against which decisions on sharing on sensitive personal data must be taken. Whilst in Greece we also take a look at some of the key data protection trends developing in the Greek data protection arena.

And, finally, in the Netherlands and Ireland, we saw two stories on the use of camera surveillance, the former in the workplace and the latter in public spaces, and the restrictions around its use to ensure the rights of the relevant data subjects are protected.

Some of the other key international developments over the last month:

Netherlands – Decision on employee health data obtained via wearables

Hungary - Hungarian DPA releases 2015 annual report

Norway - companies to be ordered to notify data subjects on data breaches

South Korea - South Korea continues its trend towards more stringent enforcement action

Cayman Islands - new data protection bill released

Australia - Guide to developing a data breach response plan released

Singapore - Singapore DPA issues enforcement guidelines

Submitted by Charlotte Halford, Solicitor

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