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ICO monetary penalties - March 2016

Published 3 March 2016

What does this cover?

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Direct Security Marketing Limited (DSML)

The ICO has fined nuisance call marketing company DSML £70,000 for contraventions of PECR. According to the ICO report, the Dudley based company made almost "… 40,000 automated calls in just one day in an attempt to sell burglar alarms. Of these, 9,775 were made between 1am and 6am".


ICO has also fined MyIML for breaches of PECR whose practice of cold-calling members of the public marketing energy saving equipment prompted over 1,000 complaints. Some of the individuals contacted were registered with the Telephone Preference Service, TPS.


The ICO has issued its largest ever fine of £350,000 to Prodial Ltd. The ICO have referred to the case as "one of the worst cases of cold calling we have ever come across". Prodial, a Brighton firm specialising in generating marketing leads, became the cause of over 1,000 complaints to the ICO after its automated call system made over 46 million nuisance calls. The ICO stated in a press release that – "the information from these calls was used to sell people’s personal details on to claims management companies. Records indicated the marketing campaign could have produced a turnover of nearly £1million. But despite the sums of money involved, the company has been placed into voluntary liquidation by one of its directors".

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What action could be taken to manage risks that may arise from this development?

Organisations should continue to ensure that any marketing firms they use are fully compliant with PECR and the DPA.

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