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Employment Matters July 2016

Published 5 July 2016

Reporting on anything apart from Brexit feels a little trivial this month. Our assessment of the likely impact of Brexit on UK employment law is here. However, there have been other interesting developments. In light of HMRC's successful case against a provider of managed service companies, it seems likely that managed service companies may come under increasing scrutiny from HMRC. For more information on this issue, please contact John Dunlop.

The Advocate General has given an opinion that a private company’s ban on an employee wearing an Islamic head scarf while on duty did not amount to direct discrimination. This opinion is not binding on national courts or on the ECJ but if the opinion is followed by the ECJ, it will be significant, as it may put religious discrimination in an inferior category from discrimination on other protected grounds. We will report on this in full when we have an ECJ decision.

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