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Employment law experts address Brexit concerns in live webinar

Published 12 July 2016

Members of our Employment and Pensions Group successfully delivered a live and interactive webinar addressing the legal issues facing employers and employees in the wake of the EU referendum. Over 140 people registered for the event, with many praising the team for its speedy delivery of the webinar following the UK's vote to leave the EU.

Partners Udara Ranasinghe and Nick Chronias in London, together with solicitor Michael Legge in Manchester, shared their expert insights on the potential impact of the Brexit vote on UK employment law. They also considered the implications for immigration rules and the 3 million EU nationals currently working in the UK.

The team tackled some of the key questions currently being asked by employers, including what Brexit will mean for EU derived legislation, and which employment laws will be unaffected by the decision to leave.

The webinar set out the practical steps that employers can be taking now to prepare for a post-Brexit UK. The team also highlighted how employers now have a duty to help shape the negotiations on the UK's exit from the EU.

Commenting on the event, Udara Ranasinghe said:

"Our live and interactive webinar allowed us to respond to employers' concerns directly and to provide some much needed reassurance. Whilst nobody is certain of what the UK's exit from the EU will look like, we are demonstrating how our employment law expertise makes us best-placed to support businesses through the uncertain times ahead."


Udara Ranasinghe

Udara Ranasinghe

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Nick Chronias

Nick Chronias

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