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Bermuda – New Personal Information Protection Bill tabled

Published 1 July 2016

It was announced on 1 July that a new Personal Information Protection Bill (the "Bill") had been tabled in the Bermudan Parliament.

The Bill will establish in Bermuda the right to "informational privacy" for individuals. The aim of the Bill is to improve Bermuda's standing in the data protection world through the adoption of international standards with the hope that this will advance the country's economic interests.

The Bill draws on Canada's Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents 2000, the EU General Data Protection Regulation and requirements under the Privacy Shield and the Bill's announcement was accompanied with an announcement that Bermuda intends to submit an adequacy application to the European Union.

These steps are a clear signal of Bermuda's intention to become a global player in the data protection arena.

The Bill is currently being debated in the Bermudan Parliament and is likely to be adopted within the next few weeks.

The text of the Bill can be accessed here.


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