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ICO reveals its 'most read' blogs of 2015

Published 1 January 2016

What does this cover?

In December the ICO produced a list of its top 5 most popular stories of 2015:

  1. ‘Now you don’t see it, now you do’ – the dangers of hidden data

This blog considered how personal data might be inadvertently disclosed to the public and gives a tips to businesses on how to avoid this.

  1. What you need to know about ICO Privacy Seals

The ICO's Privacy Seals blog describes how ICO seals are intended to operate and, for those business interested in applying for one, that "the aim is to have the first ICO endorsed privacy seal scheme up and running in 2016."

  1. Be wary of public Wi-Fi

This blog reminds readers of the varying degrees of security present on public Wi-Fi services. The blog summarises the results of an ICO investigation into the area which "highlighted that while some networks did not request any personal data, others asked for varying amounts. In one case, this included a full name, postal and email address, mobile number, gender, as well as asking for a date of birth. Only the gender question was optional, the rest mandatory."

  1. Businesses: how to prepare for the EU reforms and The EU Regulation – approaching the home straight?

Two articles covering the GDPR feature at number 2. The first article focusses upon the impact that the GDPR is due to have on companies, whilst the second article follows the development of the GDPR through the EU Council. (For additional coverage on this story, please click here. Agreement on the GDPR - ICO to do all it can to "facilitate the introduction of the new rules).

  1. The US Safe Harbor – breached but perhaps not destroyed!

It will likely be of no surprise that the most read blog item is the ICO's coverage of Safe Harbor. The ICO blog sets out its view on how the lack of confidence in Safe Harbor will affect businesses.

To view the ICO blog, please click here.

Please also see the ICO's blog detailing its top news items for 2015:

  1. Google to change privacy policy after ICO investigation – 30 January 2015
  2. Welsh police force fined for sexual abuse case data breach – 18 May 2015
  3. Nuisance calls: boilers, insulation and solar panels – 30 May 2014
  4. ICO orders removal of Google search results – 20 August 2015
  5. A cookie can last 7,984 years, according to new international privacy study –  17 February 2015
  6. Fax errors lead to data breach at Northumbria NHS Trust – 11 May 2015
  7. Law change outlaws ‘back door’ criminal record check – 9 March 2015
  8. ICO raids call centre connected to millions of nuisance calls – 12 March 2015

What action could be taken to manage risks that may arise from this development?

None – for interest.


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