Brexit Employee Recruitment and Retention Webinar

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Brexit Employee Recruitment and Retention Webinar

Published On: 11 August 2016

Hosts Nick Chronias and Kirsty MacDonald from the Employment & Pensions Group at DAC Beachcroft are joined by Michael Rose a rewards expert specialising in employee reward, recognition, engagement and motivation and author of "Reward Management".

Topics covered include:

  • How can employers seeking candidates from outside the EU continue to encourage them to apply or pursue their candidacy?
  • Can employers lawfully incentivise EU nationals to take up a job offer? When? What can employers do in terms of reward packages, including the currency in which they are paid?
  • What should employers be saying to EU national employees eligible for UK citizenship?
  • What is involved in applying for citizenship?
  • What can or should employers do to support EU national employees wanting to apply for citizenship?
  • What can lawfully be done to financially incentivise EU nationals to stay?

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