Brexit and Employee Engagement: Webinar

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Brexit and Employee Engagement: Webinar

Published 11 August 2016

Host Udara Ranasinghe from the Employment & Pensions Group at DAC Beachcroft and Liz Baran ex VP HR EMEA, McAfee International and member of DAC Beachcroft's People Pool discuss how Brexit has affected employee engagement.

Topics covered include:

  • What can employers say now and in the future to demonstrate how they value their EU national employees? How might they use social media and other tools to do this? How do they ensure this is balanced against encouraging non EU nationals too?
  • What should employers do where there is inappropriate language or behaviour as a result of the Brexit Referendum? Could this be unlawful discrimination? How should an employer address it? What should it say to wider groups of employees about this issue?

To view the presentation in full, please click here.



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