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EU Parliament Published Timetable for Trialogue

Published 18 June 2015

The EU Parliament has published a proposed timetable for the General Data Protection Regulation and Directive. The incoming Luxembourg Council Presidency is aiming at a general approach on the Directive in October or November.

Trilogue on this instrument would start immediately afterwards and run in parallel with the Trilogue on the Regulation. The aim is still to conclude the pieces of legislation as a package, but this will be revisited again at a later stage.

After the adoption of a general approach by the Council on the 15th June. The first two Trilogue meetings are set for the 24th June and 14 July. The Trilogue will then continue through the Autumn as follows:


  • Objectives and material scope, flexibility public sector (Chapter I)
  • Data protection principles (Chapter II)
  • Data subject rights (Chapter III)
  • Specific regimes (Chapter IX)


  • Controller and Processor (Chapter IV)


  • Data Protection Authorities (Chapter VI)
  • Cooperation and Consistency (Chapter VII)
  • Remedies, liability and sanctions (Chapter VIII)


  • Delegated and Implementing Acts (Chapter X)
  • Final provisions (Chapter X)
  • Other remaining issues

What action could be taken to manage risks that may arise from this development?

Monitor changes to the legislation as it passes through the Trialogue procedure.


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