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Health Adviser Issue 12

Published 3 July 2015

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Health Adviser is an industry publication, produced by DAC Beachcroft, providing insight, foresight and thought-provoking features and articles that provide practical solutions for the issues of the day, for health and social care professionals.

Capitation and integrating healthcare

Easing the pressure on NHS beds

Many are hoping that capitation in the NHS will be a catalyst for radical change, removing boundaries to create an integrated system that puts the wellbeing of the patient first. We look at the success of the Alzira model in Spain. More patients than ever are stranded in an inappropriate acute setting, but challenging patient flow is a vast drain on NHS resources. Wider cooperation may help alleviate the problem.

Handy Healthcare?

Joining forces to commission healthcare

The rapid growth in the use of smartphones and tablets is fuelling the download of apps - some of which promise medical advice, help and treatment. But at what risk? Everyone agrees that integrating health and social care will have a positive effect on people's health, but a workable process has proved elusive - until the Devolve Manchester initiative.

Evolving care for vulnerable adults

The subject of safeguarding vulnerable adults has been moving up the NHS agenda in recent years. What can we learn from how recent scandals, such as the Savile case, have been handled?  

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