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The Hire Way: First Edition - February 2014

Published 18 February 2014

Welcome to the first edition of the 'Hire Way'; DAC Beachcroft's new quarterly credit hire newsletter.

DAC Beachcroft's credit hire team operates across three locations (Birmingham, Newport and Glasgow) and consists of over 90 lawyers, intelligence specialists and support staff. In 2013, the team saved their 39 client's over £10.1 million, and the race is already on to improve that saving for 2014.

The aim of our newsletter is to provide feedback and tips on how we can work effectively together to maximise credit hire savings.

Our mission statement is 'to pay the right amount at the right time'. With the new Civil Procedure Rules and the publication of the Competition Commissions findings, it is clear we are operating in challenging and changing climate. We hope that by sharing our experience with you we can work together to ensure a harmonious and happy 2014.


  • Quindell released their quarter 3 trading statement. Through a combination of contract wins and organic growth they were serving approximately one-in-four insurance claims in the UK.

  • DAC Beachcroft published their Credit Hire Fraud Report 2013: Combatting credit hire fraud in a changeable climate to coincide with their annual conference. Fraudulent credit hire claims involving ‘artificial exaggeration’ had increased by 29% over the past two years although the frequency of fraudulent credit hire claims with a 'phantom' element had dropped. A copy of the report is available upon request.

  • In their annual general meeting statement Helphire reported that they had identified “several thousand cases that may have been compromised as a result of unreliable evidence used by defendant insurers” in which Autofocus evidence was used. The Group was looking to resolve matters without the need for litigation.

  • It was reported that the credit hire portal could be launched as early as summer 2014 after the technical committee decided to press ahead with the project.

  • The Competition Commission report was published stating that credit hire adds £150 million pounds to motor premiums. Interested parties were invited to respond to the Notice of possible remedies by 17 January 2014 and provisional findings report by 7 February 2014.

  • DAC Beachcroft published their commentary in respect of the Competition Commission's report and asked several key questions in relation to the findings and proposals.


Case Successes

Click on any of the below cases to read more:

Spotlight on…Competition Commission

The long awaited provisional findings, remedies and report were finally released by the Competition commission on 17th December 2013, giving the insurance industry their first insight into the potential future of Credit Hire.

The Report highlighted the CC's findings that the settlement chain for non-fault claims is increasing the costs of replacement cars and repairs which in turn is passed on to the insurers of at-fault motorists, resulting in higher motor insurance premiums for all drivers.

Read more.

Credit Hire Fraud - Intelligence Summaries

Our Credit Hire Intelligence team have compiled nine profiles in the last quarter on credit hire organisations and claims management companies. If you would like access to these profiles, or any further information in relation to organisations of concern, please contact Helen Bates.

Emerging trends and tactics

Click here to see our reccomendations for dealing with developing trends and tactics including:

  • Challenges to our BHR evidence
  • Non-disclosure of financial documentation
  • Pre-issue costs on small claims


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