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Essential SHE toolkit from DAC Beachcroft

Published 13 February 2014

Yesterday we held our our inaugural safety, health and environment conference. Our attendees learnt about our bespoke training, workshops and products which we have the pleasure of sharing with you.

SHE Conference speaker slides

Toolkit for success

We have devised a package of products and training workshops to help ensure that you are fully briefed and able to deal proactively with any health and safety or environmental incident if and when it arises. Due to our national network of offices, we can deliver the products and training you need from a location that is convenient for you.


HSE's Fee for Intervention Scheme: What it means for your business and how we can help

On 1 October 2012 the controversial Fee for Intervention Scheme ('FFI') came into force. The scheme affects all businesses and organisations which fall under the HSE's inspection regime. Those found in 'material breach' of health and safety laws are now liable to HSE costs as soon as the breach is discovered.

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Legal Risk

Events over the last few years have brought legal risk into sharp focus with the potential to have an impact on all areas of your business. Our Legal Risk Health Check is tailor-made to identify legal risk issues across your organisation.

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Driving Risk

The introduction of the Corporate Manslaughter Act reinforces your duties under the Health and Safety at Work Act. Our driving test product is designed to look at the particular risks associated with driving and to test the adequacy of company policy on those risks.

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