Responsible Business

Responsible Business

DAC Beachcroft is an international firm with exciting ambitions. Not least of these is our ambition to be a business with a strong Culture & Purpose, founded on a determination to play our part in ensuring a sustainable society.

We are working towards this ambition through a new strategy for Responsible Business at DAC Beachcroft. The first step in this process was the appointment of our first Head of Responsible Business. This has ensured that we have the resource needed to take this forward for us properly.

A year on, through our new, focused approach we are seeing growing numbers of our colleagues engaged in activities to support local communities, we are applying a Responsible Business lens on a number of our business decisions, and we are enjoying working on a number of important initiatives with our clients. I am particularly proud of our national, award-winning Helpforce programme where we work with local secondary schools to engage young people in volunteering with elderly people in the NHS.

This, our first Responsible Business report, tells the story of a number of exciting achievements. We look forward to building on these in the year to come.

Virginia Clegg, Senior Partner