LLP Group Executive - DAC Beachcroft

LLP Group Executive

The LLP Group Executive consists of our Managing Partner, Chief Financial Officer, Practice/HR Director, Sector Heads, and business services heads.  It is chaired by our Managing Partner. 

Our LLP Group Executive’s responsibilities include:

  • delivery of those aspects of the management of the Group delegated to our Managing Partner by our LLP Group Board;
  • assisting our Managing Partner in the development and implementation of the Group’s strategic plan;
  • managing the risk and compliance issues that the Group faces;
  • identifying operational issues; and
  • delivering successful business outcomes across the Group in line with the Group’s strategy.

The current members of our LLP Group Executive are:

  • David Pollitt, Managing Partner
  • Gustavo Blanco, International Development Director
  • Claire Chellam, Chief Financial Officer
  • Craig Dickson, Chief Executive Officer, Claims Solutions Group
  • Kathy Farmer, Head of Practice Governance & Risk
  • Helen Faulkner, Insurance Sector Head
  • Andrew Keith, Chief Operating Officer
  • Robert Lee, Real Estate Practice Group Head
  • Hamza Drabu, Health Sector Head
  • Cheryl Radford, Practice Director
  • John Williams, Business Advisory Group Head