Welcome to Access

'ACCESS' is a network which aims to promote diversity within DAC Beachcroft (DACB) and support the increased representation of Black and Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) colleagues, both current and future.

We are an inclusive network open to everyone with an interest in supporting DACB’s commitment to create and maintain a more diverse and inclusive culture within the firm. We also invite those who wish to help their underrepresented BAME colleagues, both current and future to achieve their full potential within the firm.

We exist to support DACB’s aim to create a diverse and inclusive culture within the firm and to support DACB as it seeks to better reflect the communities within which we live and work.

Why focus on improving BAME representation and inclusion?

• Within a diverse workforce where there are different backgrounds represented, there are different perspectives, different experiences and objectives.
• As a result, ideas are shared, ideas are challenged and more dynamic solutions are produced, which leads to better results for individuals, our clients and the firm.
• Within a more diverse workforce people are more likely to BELONG and BECOME.
• Research shows that businesses with more diverse workforces tend to perform better financially.
• By being a more diverse workforce we can better engage with our clients.

Our objectives:

• To support DACB in creating a more diverse and inclusive environment.
• To support DACB in providing clients with a more diverse workforce.
• To provide a safe space for BAME staff.
• To encourage our underrepresented BAME colleagues within the firm.
• To create platforms to encourage, motivate and equip colleagues with skills.
• To assist DACB with harnessing talent within BAME communities.
• To create channels of communication between colleagues and the firm.
• To be ambassadors collaborating with external networks to further DACB’s aims for diversity and inclusion.

How we aim to meet our objective:

Access is fully committed to furthering the firms’ commitment to diversity and inclusion. Please see below just a few ideas about how we intend to further our objectives....