Our people

Our people

Parents and carers

Recognising that everyone's circumstances are different , and that caring roles can be emotionally and practically difficult to juggle with a demanding job, we will always do our best to adapt people's working arrangements to accommodate people's responsibilities outside work.

We are keen to help colleagues to support each other by sourcing and sharing information and experiences and to this end we have established a Parents & Carers working group comprising people from across the firm to consider such matters and to make practical recommendations - often based on personal experiences - to our Diversity & Inclusion Group and the Executive Board.


Spectrum is DAC Beachcroft's LGBT & Allies employee network.

We are the voice of our firm's LGBT employees, a network which exists to promote an inclusive and supportive work environment.  DAC Beachcroft strives for all its employees to be afforded the same career and other opportunities so that everyone can make the best contribution they can to the success of our business and Spectrum offers support and advice to our LGBT colleagues so we can all be a part of this.

Spectrum is open to all our colleagues regardless of sexual orientation, who are interested in LGBT issues and who want to support lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people within the firm. Spectrum's aim is to educate and engage with everyone in the business.

Who are we?

People who are, think they might be or simply just want to help and support…

  • Lesbian women
  • Gay men
  • Bisexual men and women
  • Transgender men and women
  • Straight Allies who want to support
  • Parents of LGBT children

People who are “out” / People who are not "out"

Why do we exist?

We help DAC Beachcroft support and encourage its people to be themselves at all times and to be the best they can be…

  • We are VISIBLE
  • We COMMUNICATE what we’re doing and what the LGBT community is doing
  • We ADVISE on issues and concerns relevant to the LGBT community
  • We are SOCIAL, holding and supporting events throughout the year
  • We RAISE LGBT awareness, both within and outside the firm

We are also a Stonewall Diversity Champion. Stonewall is a charity which supports the LGBT community and works with organisations to help them recognise the value LGBT brings to the workplace through a difference set of experiences and perspective.

Women + network

Our Women + network exists to support and encourage women in the firm to succeed with their chosen career path.  Its focus is on personal growth and career development, internal and external networking and on generating fresh ideas and thinking to help shape and influence the firm in relation to issues affecting women's careers and wellbeing. Amongst the firm's published Diversity Commitments is the intention to have greater diversity within the senior leadership of the firm . The Women + network plays a part in this by bringing people together to share experiences and to help inspire women through access to role models inside and outside the firm, as well as hearing from external speakers and learning from other networks. Our senior partner , Virginia Clegg – the firm's first female senior partner in its 250 year history  -  is closely involved with and supportive of the network , as are other senior people in the business , male and female, . We value the power of mentoring and coaching – Women + provides the opportunity for informal mentoring and coaching relationships to develop , alongside more formal arrangements which exist across the firm.  Some events we host events with clients , we work closely with other networks in the firm – such as Spectrum , our LBGT+ network , and our Parents & Carers Forum – and across the network we work hard to get to know each other better, recognising that good relationships and trust lie at the heart of a supportive and fulfilling working environment.