Our commitment to the environment


Our commitment to the environment

As a leading law firm we want our performance to be measured not only in profitability, but also by the nature and extent of our impact on the environments in which we work.

We measure our carbon footprint annually and we have reduced it by 25% in the last four years. As well as this we have achieved a 6% reduction in overnight electricity with the help of sleep modes on electric equipment and infra-red controls.

As a member of the Legal Sustainability Alliance we have committed to adopting its principles to work collaboratively with other law firms to take action on climate change by adopting environmentally sustainable practices. We work with the LSA to benchmark our carbon footprint and are proud to be in the lowest quartile for use of space per head and of electricity.

In June 2015 we introduced agile working to our Leeds office - the first office in the firm to do so and the blueprint for our future offices. We are committed to utilising our offices as efficiently as possible and sharing desks, breakout and meeting spaces has enabled us to reduce our footprint in Leeds by 20%. By working electronically we have reduced printing by over half a million copies for the six months post-move and reduced our storage requirements by over 50%.